JavaScript is here like never Before

Greetings !
I found something interesting this weekend(14,15 May 2016) and would like to share it with you.

We are now moving towards Web apps everywhere. JavaScript is taking over like no language did before. It’s all up against conventional languages. My personal attention towards Swift is also being challenged because I have been attached to Swift since it’s beta release in 2nd June 2014. I started studying immediately after it’s release and I do have code which isn’t supported anymore 🙂 I taught Swift at different levels from University to Corporate.I am aware that many guys are working on Swift to use it as a backend language and it’s base on LLVM can open many new horizons but still it’s too early predict future. I heard a news saying it’s the best replacement of Java on Android Platform and it’s very much do able.I believe any language which has more easy adaptability will be in-charge.
Again the question is why i am getting more attracted towards JavaScript ?
It’s a simple answer I can do almost everything with JavaScript as a Software Engineer.

I can develop Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

I can build Hybrid Apps

I can build desktop apps

I can build IOT apps

I can develop apps to control my robots

I can build my Restful API and Servers

I can build Real time Socket apps

I can build elegant Websites like never before.

I can build Material Design UI’s

Now if you are willing to get started with JavaScript, you will be asking me what’s the best resource.
The best book i came across